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With so many connections required between a car and caravan these days, it can be difficult to mount everything neatly and securely. We have designed this bracket specifically for the LC300 Landcruieser so that it mounts to the same locations as the factory bracket. The Bracket is made from 3mm thick Stainless Steel and its powder coated black so that it looks the part as well. 

The bracket can support the following:-

  • 7 or 12 pin Flat Trailer Connection
  • Up to 3 50 AMP Anderson Plugs stacked*
  • 2 x Airbag Valves
  • 1 x Trailer Woza Socket**
  • 1 x Trailer Breakaway Connection Point

Note –

* Three Anderson Plugs can be mounted, but the Kit only comes with the required parts and accessories for two Anderson plugs.  

** Compatible with Safety Dave, Sphere, Polaris and Aopulo Caravan Camera Sockets

The following items are included in the kit:-

  • 1 x Powder Coated Black 3mm Stainless Steel Bracket
  • 2 x Anderson Plug Covers
  • Stainless Steel Bolt Set including:
    • 4 x 16mm Bolt (7/12 Pin Trailer Connection, Camera Socket)
    • 4 x 25mm Bolt for Single Anderson Plug (For Single Anderson Plug or Trailer Vision Anderson)
    • 2 x 40mm Bolt for Dual Anderson Plug
    • 4 x M4 Lock Nuts 
    • 6 x M4 Flange Lock Nuts

Note – No Anderson Plugs or Camera connections are included. 

Q – Can I still use the Cover for the factory Tow Bar when this bracket is installed?
A – Yes the factory tow bar cover can still be used, however there are two plugs on the bottom that are used to secure the cover more firmly than the clips on the cover. When this bracket is installed, the passenger side plug cannot be used as it was important to keep the bracket as high as possible. 

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