ZE-NC620D Support Page

Universal – ZE-NC620D (Discontinued)

  • Current Firmware Versions

    Main System software updates include enhancements and bug fixes of device functions. These enhancements are mostly of a specific nature and you can read the details in the software release notes (overview of changes) in the update instructions. As this model is now discontinued, we have been advised that no further updates will be released.

    To find the current firmware version of your ZE-NC620D:
    – “Setup”
    – “Misc”
    – “Info”
    – Tap “OK” to display the firmware version you are after.

    MCU: 0.4.2_03D3_140415
    APP: 3.2.03_03D3_140424

    Parrot Bluetooth Module
    BT: HW200-SW 332

    Software and Bluetooth Update

    Update Instructions Update Firmware

  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your Windows PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:

    1. Do you have the White Zenec USB provided with your device?
    a. If no, start from point 2
    b. If yes, start from point 3
    2. Download and follow “USB Synctool Instructions”
    3. Register online at Naviextras.com
    4. Download and install “Naviextras Toolbox”
    5. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”

    How to Update your Navigation Software


  • What are the requirements for mounting the ZE-NC620D?

    Your car needs to be equipped with minimum 2 DIN Radio slot. Depending on the target vehicle, a CAN/Stalk interface and/or a 2 DIN facial kit is required. Your local ZENEC dealer will provide you with professional advice on integration into your vehicle.

    Can I use my ex works CD changer with the ZE-NC620D?

    The ZE-NC620D has no connection facility for an external CD changer.

    Can the ZE-NC620D make use of the steering wheel remote control?

    To connect your steering wheel remote control, an optional CAN/Stalk interface is needed. This can be purchased at any authorised ZENEC dealer. Its functionality may vary depending on the chosen interface. Note that such an interface has to be compatible with the ZENEC IR/IN protocol. You also need to purchase the adaptor cable ZEZ-ZENECLEAD.

    Is the ex works GPS antenna compatible?

    GPS antennas are usually equipped with a standard FAKRA connector that can be connected to the ZE-NC620D. However, we recommend that you use the included ZENEC GPS antenna – it isoptimally adapted to the ZE-NC620D and will, most likely, give better GPS reception.

    Is the ex works hands-free Bluetooth device compatible?

    No, however the ZE-NC620D includes an integrated high quality hands-free Bluetooth device from market leader PARROT. In case your phone has Bluetooth ability, the ZE-NC620D offers a comprehensive hands-free device function. Once you have paired your mobile with the ZE-NC620D, you can handle your calls completely via the touch screen.

    Built-in ex works hands-free devices should be completely shut down by removing the respective fuse. If this is not done, then you will probably encounter distortion due to parallel operation.

    When starting the engine my ZE-NC620D switches off and reboots.

    If the voltage supply drops under approx. 9 V, your ZE-NC620D automatically shuts down to avoid operation faults. This is a self protection mechanism and is not a defect. It may be advisable, however, to check your electrical installation (worn battery, bad or corroded ground connections, etc.).

    My vehicle is equipped with an active antenna. Do I have to install an additional antenna power supply?

    The ZE-NC620D features an internal active phantom power supply which is ON by default. To connect a passive antenna you need to deactivate the phantom power before (Setup> General> 2nd page> Antenna supply). There is phantom power shortcut protection, just in case the power supply does not get switched OFF, when using a passive antenna.

    How does the TFT brightness adjustment work?

    The screen brightness is not controlled via an illumination connector. It is designed to automatically switch between day and night illuminations based on the GPS time stamp. In order to do so, it needs GPS signal reception, which leads to a 20 seconds delay after powering the device ON. Go to (Setup> Video> Picture) and enter preset values for day and night brightness. You may also override the automatic GPS commutation to manual time, by changing the navigation map settings (NAV> More> Settings> Map settings> Colour> Auto/Day/Night).

    What does Slide Touch mean?

    Devices from 2011 and later have the innovative slide touch feature: Tap and keep screen contact, when sliding your finger to the desired direction. This gesture has the same effect as tapping on the first two markers in the upper screen area.

    Why do I need software updates?

    ZENEC frequently releases software updates to add new functionality, correct issues and improve reliability.

    Where can I download software updates?

    Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia Support Knowledgebase. Go to “Support”, ‘Archives’ and then select the Universal ZE-NC620D Folder.  Select the “Software Updates”.  Do not install “updates” from other unknown sources, as this might damage your device irreversibly.

    My ZENEC device navigates incorrectly. Some streets aren’t even on the map.

    We use maps from the market leader ‘here.com’ for Australia and New Zealand.  It is possible that incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. In this case we recommend that such findings should be reported directly to ‘here.com’ to enable them to correct their mapping data. You should also ensure that you have the latest map update on your unit and this can be purchased through Naviextras Toolbox

    What should I consider when using SD cards?

    SD as well as SDHC cards are supported.Make sure your SD/SDHC card is FAT32 formatted.Zenec recommends the usage of high quality SD/SDHC cards with a data volume of 8 GB. SDHC cards up to 16 GB data volume are supported.

    Content on USB / SD data carrier is not recognized even after successful formatting?

    It can happen that the file system of the disk has been damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defective due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reasons for this, such as usage or storage of the data carrier and problems occurring at the initial format process.

    In such cases, you must format the data carrier once more to get it to work as intended.

    Windows Vista and Win7 offer two options, i.e. you can apply a quick format or a full format of carrier. For all cases related to data carriers that seem to cause problems, it is highly suggested to do a full format process. Make sure the check mark for quick format is not set. Also pay attention that the FAT32 file system is selected before you start the format process.

    Info: If the disc after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.