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Mercedes Benz – ZE-NC4612

  • Current Firmware Versions

    Main System software updates include improvements and bug fixes of device functions. These enhancements are usually of a specific nature, so please read the software release notes (overview of changes) in the installation manual before updating. Main System updates are usually published once or twice a year, however for this software platform, no further updates will be released.

    To find the current firmware version of your ZE-NC4612:
    – “Setup”
    – “Misc”
    – “Info”
    – Tap “OK” to display the firmware version you are after.

    – MCU: 0.1.1_03R3_130722
    – APP: 3.2.07_03R3_140429

    Parrot Bluetooth Module
    – BT: HW200-SW 332

    Software and Bluetooth Update

    Software Update Instructions   Software Update Files   Update BT Firmware Instructions   Update BT Firmware Files

  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your Windows PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:

    1. Do you have the White Zenec USB provided with your device?
    a. If no, start from point 2
    b. If yes, start from point 3
    2. Download and follow “USB Synctool Instructions”
    3. Register online at Naviextras.com
    4. Download and install “Naviextras Toolbox”
    5. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”. There is no Apple/Mac application for this software.

    USB Synctool Instructions   USB Synctool   Navigation Update Instructions   Naviextras Toolbox

    How to Update your Navigation Software

  • What conditions must be met to install the ZE-NC4612?

    The physical shape of the OE radio or navigation must be identical with the ZE-NC4612.

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W169) and B-Class (W245) models equipped with OE Radio 5 or radio-ready provision, it will require additional mechanical work to have the dash board install opening prepared to be physically compliant with the device. 

    MB Sprinter II vehicles fitted with radio provisions, require a cable harness N-ZE-NC620D-ISO and the MB original mounting frame, part number A9066890431 (also see ZE-NC4612 mounting instructions).

    The ZE-NC4612 is equipped with a dual phase diversity tuner. That means that both antennas inputs of the device must be supplied with an appropriate FM signal. A second FM antenna can also be retrofitted, depending on the target vehicle. The radioi reception results can vary and depend on placement of the second additional antenna and the sensitivity of the antenna itself. Another additional option is provided by the ZE-NC-ANT3 antenna adapter, which allows to connect and operate a single FM antenna with the double the double Fakra input of the ZE-NC4612.  

    MB vehicles which are factory equipped with a black Fakra plug require the Phantom power supply to be set to OFF in the device settings of the ZE-NC4612.

    For some vehicles, a second antenna is already physically present in the vehicle (but not active) and can therefore be activated. For this purpose, the single antenna amplifier module must be replaced with a diversity double module (MB part number A6398202289). The second antenna, if it is  physically present in the car, then only needs to be connected to the diversity module. The power connection of the module is no longer required (yellow wire), since the diversity module is powered via the ZE-NC4612 antenna phantom power. Finally, a second antenna wire from the module to the device must be installed. Retrofitting of this kind is best done by authorized ZENEC specialty retailer.

    General limitations: For some Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured with radio provision only, steering wheel remote control functionality may be limited to volume-up / volume-down.

    Do I need an adaptor or interface to connect the two antenna leads to the device?

    The ZE-NC4612 is fitted with a double FAKRA connector on the rear panel. Normally the antenna plug from the vehicle will fit without any further measures. Sometimes, the antenna lead can be a bit short, or the antenna connector of the vehicle is a 90° angled type. In such cases, the ZE-NC-ANT2 cable extension should be used.

    Do I need to alter “Antenna Supply” settings in the setup menu?

    All dual tuner devices have an internal antenna phantom power supply feed which is set to ON (factory default). Do not use external antenna Phantom power feeds of any sort as this will inevitably trigger the protection circuit of the dual tuner phantom power supply circuitry.

    Is the Driver Information System supported?

    Functionality of integration features such as full support of steering wheel control functions, multi-function driver display integration may be limited, depending on the target vehicle and may only be confirmed by a test install and further trial and error attempts*.

    * Driver info display integration is only provided for, when function specific data packages are present in the vehicle CAN. The driver info display information is limited to a single string of text.

    Is the ZE-NC4612 compatible with OE sound systems?

    No, vehicles featuring MOST audio based active sound systems, for examples from Harman Kardon and Bang & Olufsen, are not supported.

    Is it possible to operate the ZE-NC4612 with the ignition of the vehicle (ACC) in the Off position?

    No, this ZENEC E>GO device requires ignition (and CAN net) to be powered on to operate.

    CAN data is only present in the vehicle, when ignition status is on – for this reason operation of the unit is not possible when ignition of the car has been set to its off position.

    Is the OE installed GPS antenna compatible with the ZENEC device?

    GPS antennas are usually equipped with a standard FAKRA connector that can be connected to the ZE-NC4612. However, we still recommend to install and use the ZENEC GPS antenna supplied with the unit – since it is matched to this particular device and will, most likely, offer a better GPS reception.

    Is the OE installed Bluetooth hands-free device compatible?

    No. The ZE-NC4612 comes with an integrated high quality Parrot hands-free module. OE installed hands-free devices must be shut down electrically, this is done by removing the fuse assigned to this module in the main fuse box.

    How does the TFT brightness adjustment work?

    The screen brightness is controlled via GPS signal. The system will automatically switch between day and night illumination mode, triggered by GPS time stamp. In order to work the way it was designed, device requires GPS signal reception, causing a 20 seconds delay for the application to switch, right after device is powered ON. Go to (Setup > Video > Picture) and enter preset values for day and night brightness. You may also override the automatic GPS commutation to manual control, by changing the navigation settings respectively (NAV > More > Setting s> Map settings > Colour > Auto/Day/Night).

    Why do I need software updates and where can I find them?

    To keep your device up to date, ZENEC frequently releases software updates for current models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability. 

    Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia Support Knowledgebase. Go to “Support” and then select the Mercedes Benz – ZE-NC4612 Vehicle Specific Folder.  Select the “Software Updates”.

    Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources on the Internet, even if they claim to be made for ZENEC. External software developers do not know the actual system configuration. Installing unauthoried software may seriously damage your device and even cause irreversible damage. Devices that are damaged by installing unauthorized third party software are strictly not covered under the terms of the warranty for manufacturers defect and repairs of this type can be expensive.

    My ZENEC device sometimes navigates incorrectly, street names aren’t shown or route re-calculations are triggered on the device.

    We use maps from the market leader ‘here.com’ for Australia and New Zealand.  It can happen that occasionally incorrect map data can cause a navigation error. If this happens we recommend that these errors should be reported directly to ‘here.com’, and this will to enable them to correct their mapping data.

    Why does the ZE-NC4612 reboot, when I start the engine of my car?

    To protect the device electronics from under voltage and resulting malfunction of some modules, the ZENEC main board and the MCU constantly measures the power supply voltage via a sensor. This will trigger a shut-down (and reboot) if the supply voltage drops below 9 V. This automatic process avoids faults on the device operation with incomplete loading of software. This is a self protection process for the device and is not a defect. If the device does frequently reboot after engine start, it is recommended you see your car dealer for a battery condition test, as well as if wires and contacts are corroded as this would cause the supply voltage to drop below 9V.

    What should I consider when using SD cards?

    SD as well as SDHC cards are supported. Make sure your SD/SDHC card is FAT32 formatted. Zenec recommends the usage of high quality SD/SDHC cards with a data volume of 8 GB. SDHC cards up to 16 GB data volume are supported.

    Content on USB / SD data carrier is not recognized even after successful formatting?

    It may happen that the file system of the disk got damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defect due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reason for this to happen, such as usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process. In such cases, you must format the data carrier once more to get it to work as intended. Windows Vista and Win7 offer two options, i.e. you can apply a quick format or a full format of carrier. For all cases related to data carriers that seem to cause problems, it is highly suggested to do a full format process. Make sure the check mark for quick format is not set. Also pay attention that the FAT32 file system is selected before you start the format process.

    Info: If the disc after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.