Z-N626/H Support Page

Universal – Z-N626/H

  • Current Firmware Versions

    ZENEC releases software updates for models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability.

    Please Do Not download any software update from the Zenec European Support site as some software is not compatible with the units sold to the Australian and New Zealand market. Using this software can damage your unit and require it to be returned to Zenec Australia for service.

    The current software version for this model is V 3.3.4

    In order to access the latest software for your device please take the following steps:-

    1. Ensure your device has been registered on our website. If you have not registered your device yet Click Here to begin the process. (Your product registration card can be found with the devices user manuals)
    2. If you have registered and previously received an email with a software update, then please email support@zenec.com.au with the name the device is registered under requesting the update. The link to download the software and instructions will then be emailed to you.
    3. If you have not previously received an update then please email support@zenec.com.au with the following information:-
      1. The serial number of the device (Note:- This is the same as the one that is used to register a device)
      2. A picture of your devices Version Screen which can be found using the following steps


    Access the Setup Menu and Press Settings Icon
    in the bottom right corner as highlighted
    Press the Version Information Button as highlighted and
    take a picture of the Version information Screen

    Once this information has been received by our support team, an email will be sent during normal business hours with the relevant links and instructions required to update your device to the latest software.

  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:
    1. Do you have the SD Card provided with your device?
    a. If no, a new SD card licence will need to be purchased
    b. If yes, proceed to the next step
    2. Register online at Naviextras.com
    3. Download and install the Naviextras Toolbox on your PC (There is no Toolbox for Apple Mac Computers)
    4. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”

    Navigation Instructions Naviextras Toolbox

    How to Video for Navigation Update


  • Z-N626/H User Manual Quickstart Navigation Manual Navigation User Manual Hema User Manual

  • Please read before proceeding

    • Please note: the file download may be very large, so we do not recommend using a 4G or Mobile internet service.
    • Please check the internet connection and speed before proceeding.
    • This is a guide only. We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or layout of Hema Maps’ website will remain the same over time. Referenced aspects of this website may be updated or appear different then what is specified in the below instructions.
    How to Update Hema Maps Guide

    How to Update Hema Maps Video

  • What conditions must be considered for device installation of the Z-N626?

    The Z-N626 is designed for normal vehicles offering a 2-DIN mounting slot. That means for the physical mounting of the Z-N626, a car specific mounting kit that fits into the target vehicle is required. Depending on vehicle brand and model, different 2-DIN mounting kits are available from a range of accessory suppliers.

    I cannot eject the CD or the DVD – the Eject button is missing on the device?

    The Disc Eject function is provided by a ‘Soft Key’ on the Touch Screen in the Disc mode, press and hold eject button to eject a CD or DVD.

    Do I need to adjust the “Antenna Supply” setting in the setup menu?

    This not required for AM/FM, however the Z-N626 does have a ‘DAB Antenna Supply’ power function for DAB and this is found in ‘Setup’> ‘Misc’.

    ZENEC recommends an on site check with the dealer where the vehicle or device was purchased to verify antenna functionality. The FM performance is – to a certain extent – dependent on the FM antenna type, its vehicle mounting location and the correct settings in the device menu. If you have questions on any of these points, please consult your dealer. 

    On the first power-on or if the ZENEC device was disconnected from power, I cannot find a radio station?

    Right after the first power-on process and after disconnection from the vehicle battery, the Z-N626 will perform an automatic radio station search. Depending on the frequency band to be scanned, the search process can take up to 2.5 minutes. During the search period, radio stations cannot be accessed or selected by the user.

    Can I sort the radio stations in the station list in alphabetical order?

    The Z-N626 provides you with a list of currently receivable radio stations. The sorting corresponds to the signal strength of each transmitter – strong stations are on top, scaling down as the signal strength gets weaker – with the station list getting updated by automatic background scans every 2.5 minutes.

    How can I integrate my device with an Factory steering wheel controls?

    If your vehicle is equipped with factory steering wheel controls, it can usually be connected to the Z-N626. For this function, depending on the vehicle model and model year, a vehicle-specific CAN/Stalk interface and a connecting wire from interface to device (ZENEC ZEY-ZENECLEAD) is required. Some steering wheel control interfaces do not maintain all functionality, so it is advisable to check with the authorised reseller to establish what will suit your vehicle and what functions will be available. 

    When I want to listen to DAB radio stations all I hear is noise, but no sound. What can I do?

    The Z-N626 features an integrated DAB+ tuner. To receive digital radio stations, your vehicle must have an antenna supporting the DAB standard is required.
    If your car does not already have a suitable DAB antenna, it will need to be retrofitted by an authorised reseller and this will allow you to enjoy the digital radio function.

    The display brightness of my Z-N626 seems way too dark at daylight?

    TThe Z-N626 has in the device settings menu, two selectable control options for the automatic TFT display brightness adjustment. Go to: Setup > TFT Settings > TFT Control > “Car” or “Navi”.
    Initially and ex-works, this selection is set to “Car” which means that the device dims the screen when low or high beam is activated. For the “Car” based TFT screen brightness control, the “Illu signal” at the Quadlock connector is used. Daytime Running Lights with TFT Control set to “Car” mode will cause the screen to be dimmed as the headlights are on.
    People who are traveling with daytime running lights (DRL), the TFT Control setting should be set to “Navi” so that the day/night time zone data is used to control TFT screen brightness. Note: The “Navi” setting will cause the device to start up in night mode until an actual GPS time signal for device master clock is retrieved via GPS signal. This may take up to 30 seconds

    Choose “Navi” to allow the GPS system to set brightness automatically over day / night signal of the GPS system.

    Select “Car” to adjust the brightness according to signals present in the CAN net of the vehicle itself. 

    Note that if the GPS signal is day / night switching enabled, the sync process may take roughly 20 seconds after device start up before it has an effect. This can also be affected by location and terrain.

    How can I adjust the volume of the navigation announcement?

    During the navigation announcement, the volume of the announcement can be adjusted up or down directly with the rotary volume knob. The last value set is retained as the next usable volume level.

    Why do I need software updates and where do I find them?

    To keep your device up to date, ZENEC  will release software updates for models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability. 

    Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia Support Knowledgebase. Go to “Support” and then select the Universal Z-N626 Vehicle Specific Folder.  Select the “Software Updates”.  Do not install “updates” from other unknown sources, as this might damage your device.  Depending on your device model, you may find MainSystem SW Updates, or Gracenote and Bluetooth updates on our ‘Support’ page. To avoid damage to your device, please make sure you follow the update instructions carefully.

    Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources on the internet, even if it claims “it was made for ZENEC”. By installing software from an unknown origin you risk extensive and possibly irreparable damage to your Zenec. External software developers do not know the system design or the actual system software. Repairs for devices that are damaged by the installation of unauthorized software are not covered by the Warranty and repairing these units back to a working condition may be expensive because of the labour and possible spare parts required.

    My ZENEC device navigates incorrectly, street names aren’t shown, route re-calculations are triggered on the device.

    Please note that ZENEC Australia use the latest navigation software from www.here.com. Sometimes in can happen that the road system has changed or something else may have changed since the last software update. In these cases the device may give incorrect routing instructions or tries to recalculate the route several times. Incorrect map data needs to be recorded and reported directly by the content provider here.com to enable them to make any corrections required.

    How many smart phone devices can be paired?

    Device allows to pair up to three smart phone, and two out of three can be connected at the same time. The autoconnect function only works for device space one and two.

    Can I use the microSD card reader for playback of music or video files?

    The short answer is no. The micro SD card reader on the front of the Z-N626 is designed exclusively for the operation of GPS navigation software and Gracenote functions. Avoid removing the micro SD card during active route guidance or/and when device is in navigation mode. It is not possible to use of the micro SD card reader for playing music or video file playback. The Gracenote function can only be used with an inserted navigation micro SD card. If navigation micro SD card is not present in the device, malfunctions in Media playback mode may result.

    The USB memory stick is not recognized by the device, even after successful reformatting. What’s wrong?

     Sometimes  the file system of the USB disk has been damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defective due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reasons that this can happen, such as usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process.
    In such cases, you must format the data carrier again to make it work correctly.
    Note: If the data carrier after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself, or the disk is damaged. In this case you should use a different USB disk of another brand or manufacturer.

    How do I access the Equalizer function?

    Long press of the Home button invokes the Equalizer menu. (See the device specific Quick-Start-Guide on page 8).

    What do I need to consider for audio playback from USB source

    Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 – prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks only. Study the corresponding key features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is current limited to 1000 mA maximum consumption. Since many external hard disk models will easily consume higher drive currents, Zenec does not endorse the use of such products. Additional info for troubleshooting of USB flash memory devices and MP3 playback: USB – Troubleshooting audio playback.