Z-E7015/S Support Page


  • Current Firmware Versions

    Main System software updates include improvements and bug fixes to improve device functionality. These improvements are usually of a specific nature, relating to a particular function,so please read the software release notes (overview of changes) in the installation guide before updating. Main System updates are usually released once or twice a year or as required.

    There are no Software Updates presently available.

    Current version of software for this unit is:

    • HW05-SW01.63.20 or
    • HW07-SW01.63.20

    To find the current firmware version of your Z-E7015/S:
    – “Setup”
    – “Misc”
    – “Info”
    – Tap “OK” to display the firmware version you are after.

  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:
    1. Do you have the SD Card provided with your device?
    a. If no, a new SD card licence will need to be purchased
    b. If yes, proceed to the next step
    2. Register online at Naviextras.com
    3. Download and install the Naviextras Toolbox on your PC (There is no Toolbox for Apple Mac Computers)
    4. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”

    Navigation Instructions Naviextras Toolbox

    How to Video for Navigation Update

  • Bluetooth Update

    Bluetooth firmware updates contain compatibility enhancements for newer mobile phone models.

    Update Instructions Bluetooth Update

  • Gracenote Update

    Gracenote database updates contain ID3 tag meta data to show new artist, album or/and track info of the music charts. Since the database on the devices is static, artist meta data become outdated. Or in other words, the update provides a refreshed database covering new albums, new artists and new songs. The Gracenote update thus refreshes the content of the latest music charts.

    Approx. two Gracenote database updates are scheduled per year.

    Update Instructions Gracenote Update

  • Z-E7015/S User Manual Quickstart Navigation Manual Navigation User Manual Installation Guide

  • What PORSCHE vehicle does the Z-E7015S target?

    The Z-E7015S is made for and suitable for replacement of the Porsche CD24 radio and the navigation system PCM 2.1 (device color: volcano grey / black matte). Please refer also to the car compatibility list.

    No fader function in combination with a MOST sound system?

    On vehicles equipped with a MOST sound system, the fader adjustment front <> rear is not working on the Z-E7015S (no function). Therefore, leave the setting of the front to rear fader in its neutral or center position.

    Pop noise in combination with a MOST sound system?

    If the vehicle is factory fitted with a MOST sound system, a pop noise may be heard under certain circumstances when the OE amplifier is switching on and off.

    MFDF and on-board computer are not supported?

    The Z-E7015S has no connection to the MFD (driver information system) and the on-board computer of the vehicle. So both the on-board computer and MFD are not supported by the ZENEC device.

    OE voice activation button on PORSCHE steering wheel?

    The button present on the steering wheel remote control for activation of Porsche voice control (OE device) is not supported. E.g. pressing this button will not cause the voice control function of the Z-E7015S to engage.

    Important information for vehicles featuring a switching diversity antenna system?

    To prevent malfunction of the switching diversity antenna system of the vehicle, which always results in poor FM radio reception, remove the negative terminal of the vehicle battery for at least 15 minutes before the Z-E7015S is installed and connected.

    Connect the antenna wire with black housing and make sure, the Z-E7015S does have the “P.ANT” wire connected correctly to the vehicle harness.

    Go for a functionality test by a station seek, where at least three relatively weak radio stations get saved and tested with a quick drive, validating if the switching diversity system does work as designed.

    SOS button and CD/DVD changer are not supported?

    Some vehicles are equipped with an SOS button in the vehicle front and and/or an external CD/DVD changer, of which both components are not supported anymore after installing a Z-E7015S.

    Why do I need software updates and where do I find them?

    To keep your device in its most up to date state, ZENEC does frequently release software updates for device models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability. Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia homepage. Click on the “Support” button in the top section of page navigation to access the Knowledgebase.  Then select the appropriate update for your device. Depending on your device model, you may find MainSystem SW Updates, CAN-System Updates, or Gracenote and Bluetooth updates. To avoid damage to your device, make sure to follow the update instructions religiously.

    Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources in the web, claiming “it was made for ZENEC”. External software developers do not know the system design or the actual system software configuration. By installation of software with unknown origin, your device can get irreversibly damaged. Warranty repairs for devices that are damaged by unauthorized software is generally and strictly declined – putting devices back in a working state may get expensive.

    For updates of navigation maps and other free or also pay add-on’s, as well as the 30 days latest map guarantee, please visit Naviextras at https://zenec.naviextras.com

    My ZENEC device navigates incorrectly.  Some streets aren’t even shown on the navigation screen.

    We use maps from the market leader ‘here.com’ for Australia and New Zealand. It is possible that incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. If you experience this, we recommend that this should be reported directly to ‘here.com’ to enable them to correct their mapping data.

    Why does the Z-E7015S reboot when I start the engine of my car?

    To protect the device electronics from under voltage conditions and resulting malfunction of function modules inside the device the ZENEC mainboard and the MCU constantly measure the power supply voltage via sensor, to trigger a shut-down (and reboot) if the supply voltage drops below 9 V. The automatic sense process avoids faults on the device operation and incomplete loading of software data. This is a device self protection mechanism and not a defect. If the device does reboot after engine start from time to time, it is recommended to see your car dealer for an inspection of the condition of the battery, and or if wires and contacts are corroded to cause supply voltage drop below 9V.

    What should I consider when using SD cards?

    The SD card reader on the front side of the Z-E7015S device is reserved for use by the navigation SD-card exclusively. Avoid removing the SD card from the device when device is running. Playback of video or audio files on SD card by the reader on the front panel is not possible, even with the Navi SD-card removed.

    The USB hub keeps changing the drive indication?

    It may happen, depending on the assignment of USB memory devices connected to the USB hub, that the media drive indicator does change the address of drives assigned before, due to dynamic assignment of drive letters by the system.

    If you have problems, while playback from USB, make sure that the USB disk is formatted correctly. In this case, note the following: In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 you have the option of a quick format or full format. For problems with the disk, full format is recommended. Make shure that the checkbox at formatting options -> Quick format is not enabled. Make sure that the FAT32 file system is selected. Do not use NTFS, HPFS and EXTFAT file system settings.

    Content on USB / SD data carrier is not recognised even after successful formatting?

    It may happen that the file system of the disk got damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defect due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reason for this to happen, such as usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process.

    In such cases, you must format the data carrier again to make it work correctly.

    Info: If the data carrier after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.

    What do I need to consider for audio playback from USB source?

    Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 – prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks only. Study the corresponding key features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is current limited to 400 mA maximum consumption. In most cases, external hard disk models will easily exceed 400mA and thus, Zenec does not endorse the use of such products. Additional info for troubleshooting of USB flash memory devices and MP3 playback: