Z-E3215 Support Page

BMW 3 Series – Z-E3215

  • Current Firmware Versions

    Main System software updates include improvements and bug fixes to improve device functionality. These improvements are usually of a specific nature, relating to a particular function,so please read the software release notes (overview of changes) in the installation guide before updating. Main System updates are usually released once or twice a year or as required.

    The current Software version is:

    Current Version

    MCU: 0.7.0_03P3_141218
    APP: 1.0.45_03P3_141218

    To find the current firmware version of your Z-E3215:
    – “Setup”
    – “Misc”
    – “Info”
    – Tap “OK” to display the firmware version you are after.

    Z-E3215 Software Update

    Update Instructions Update Firmware


  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:
    1. Do you have the SD Card provided with your device?
    a. If no, a new SD card licence will need to be purchased
    b. If yes, proceed to the next step
    2. Register online at Naviextras.com
    3. Download and install the Naviextras Toolbox on your PC (There is no Toolbox for Apple Mac Computers)
    4. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”

    Navigation Instructions Naviextras Toolbox

    How to Video for Navigation Update


  • Bluetooth Update

    Bluetooth firmware updates contain compatibility enhancements for newer mobile phone models.

    The current Software version is:

    Current version

    HW05-SW01.63.20 or

    Update Instructions Bluetooth Update

  • Gracenote Update

    Gracenote database updates contain ID3 tag meta data to show new artist, album or/and track info of the music charts. Since the database on the devices is static, artist meta data become outdated. Or in other words, the update provides a refreshed database covering new albums, new artists and new songs. The Gracenote update thus refreshes the content of the latest music charts.

    Usually Gracenote database updates are scheduled once or twice a year.

    The current Software Version is:

    Current DB version

    Database: 6502

    Update Instructions Gracenote Update

  • Z-E3215 User Manual Quickstart Navigation Manual Navigation User Manual Installation Guide

  • What conditions must be met to install the Z-E3215?

    The Z-E3215 E> GO is designed for BMW 3 Series E9X vehicles that are equipped with BMW CD/Business radio. The compatibility includes newer vehicles as well, e.g. the “LCI” versions (“LCI” = Life Cycle Impulse). Furthermore, the vehicle must have a BMW automatic climate control fitted, as seen in the related Z-E3215 device pictures. Vehicle models with manual climate control (basic standard version) are not compatible with the Z-E3215, due to a different front panel shape. Also incompatible and excluded from retrofitting with the Z-E3215 are vehicles with BMW iDrive or with OE navigation system.

    Do I need to route a constant power wire to run the Z-E3215?

    No, this is not necessary. The Z-E3215 can be installed and connected without any additional wiring (due to “BMW Power System Integration” of the device).

    No, this ZENEC E>GO device requires ignition (and CAN net) to be powered on for the unit to operate, due to vehicle integration functions.

    Can I sell the OE CD/Business radio?

    Better not. You should keep it for later use. Because it is not guaranteed, that for BMW vehicle software updates at a later stage does not require the original BMW radio to present in the electrical system, to perform the update. This is currently not the case, however, but cannot be guaranteed by ZENEC for the future.

    Is the Z-E3215 compatible with factory installed OE sound systems?

    Yes, support for small BMW Hifi solution (4-channel amplifier in the trunk and 2-way system in the front doors) is a given. Under certain circumstances, a sound system adapter may still be required – in such cases, please contact your authorized ZENEC dealer to obtain technical assistance.

    Why is the Z-E3215 not compatible with vehicles, that are fitted with a DSP OE active sound system (BMW Logic7 or Individual)?

    Such sound systems receive audio signal via fiber optical cable (MOST ring bus). Since the aftermarket offers no compatible adapters, the Z-E3215 is not suitable for deployment in such vehicles.

    Why does the unit not show A/C status info on the screen?

    The Z-E3215 can read and use the A/C related CAN signal presented in the vehicle. The A/C status info pop-up is disabled in the factory settings. BMW has not developed the automatic climate control with respect to a visual status indicator, thus there are too many A/C control commands to trigger the pop-up. This may also be a matter of preference and thus, this feature can be activated on demand in the system settings.

    Driver information display does not show any track or navigation arrows?

    The OE factory radio also does not show track info or turn key arrows. Since there is no CAN data present in the vehicle, the E>GO cannot support these two car integration functions either.

    Does the Z-E3215 support PDC acoustic signal function?

    The Z-E3215 E>GO is able to process the BMW PDC CAN data, to fully implement the OPS function (“Optical Parking System”), so the optical park radar is supported by the device. Yet BMW vehicles of the E9X series come with acoustic PDC warning tones that originate from the factory radio. Therefore, after removal of the OE radio the Z-E3215 does implement acoustic park radar signals via internal buzzer device (mono signal only). That means, acoustic PDC signals remain functional although the buzzer sound is not quite as pleasant, compared to the factory solution.

    Can I adjust and operate the OE factory installed auxiliary heating system via the ZENEC device?

    The independent vehicle heater system remains controllable over the dedicated aux heater remote control or, for newer systems, via Smartphone App. The ZENEC device does not support time adjustments or any other function settings of the aux heater, that are controlled by the OE radio.

    Is it possible to use a BT hands-free system installed in the vehicle, in parallel with the Z-E3215?

    No. The Z-E3215 comes with an integrated high quality hands-free module by Parrot. Any hands-free system based on Bluetooth technology must be deactivated. This can be achieved by removing the respective fuse in the main fuse box. Neglecting to do this will probably lead to interference and malfunction of the Parrot module.

    Does the Z-E3215 support the BMW optional equipment “SOS emergency call system”?

    No, this is not possible due to restrictions of the device hardware platform. The BMW SOS emergency call system must be coded out of the vehicle, before the installation of the Z-E3215 is attempted and the function will be rendered non-functional by the removal of the OE radio.

    How does the TFT brightness adjustment and the day/night HMI switching work?

    Various options are available to control the screen brightness. In the setup menu under Video / Picture on the second page, you will find the following settings: Brightness: Navigation / Sensor / Car

    Choose “Navi” to allow the GPS system to set brightness automatically over day / night signal of the GPS system.

    Select “sensor” to allow the screen brightness adjustment via light sensor embedded in the device. Note that the sensor is made insensitive for fast changes of brightness on purpose, where the delay will reduce unwanted screen brightness changes (for example during device operation or driving through avenues with trees etc.).

    Select “Car” to adjust the brightness according to signals present in the CAN net of the vehicle itself.  

    Note that if GPS signal controlled day / night switching is enabled, the sync process may take roughly 20 seconds, right after device start up.

    How does the day / night switch work for the HMI: The factory default is set to day / night switching controlled by the GPS navigation system. However, there is the possibility to adjust this function manually. If the GPS signal-controlled auto switching is not desired, it can be deactivated in the Navigation Pane of settings (NAV> More> Settings> Map Setup> Color> Day / Night / Auto). 

    When starting the engine my Z-E3215 switches off and reboots.

    If the voltage supply drops below 9 V, your ZENEC device will shuts down automatically to avoid operation faults and inclomplete loading of software parameters. This is a device self protection mechanism and not a defect. You may, however, check the electrical installation of your vehicle (battery worn down, bad or corroded ground contacts / connectors, etc.).

    Why do I need software updates and where can I find it?

    ZENEC frequently releases software updates to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve reliability in general. Some updates also contain updated BT firmware, to offer improved compatibility with newer mobile phones.

    Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia Support Knowledgebase. Go to “Support” and then select the BMW 3 Series – Z-E3215 Vehicle Specific Folder.  Select the “Software Updates”.

    Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources from the Internet, because external software can irreversibly damage your unit. Devices that show software induced system failure by loading unauthorised software are excluded from warranty repair and this damage will be charged at current service rates for labour/support and parts if required. It may not be possible to repair the unit.

    My ZENEC device navigates incorrectly. Some streets do not show on the navigation screen.

    We use maps from the market leader ‘here.com’ for Australia and New Zealand.  It is possible that incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. If you experience this, we recommend that this should be reported directly to ‘here.com’ to enable them to correct their mapping data.

    What should I take into consideration when using SD cards?

    The SD card reader on the front side of the Z-E3215 device is reserved for use by the navigation SD-card exclusively. Avoid removing the SD card from the device when device is running. Playback of video or audio files on an SD card by the reader on the front panel is not possible, even with the Navi SD-card removed.

    The USB hub keeps changing the drive indication?

    It may happen, depending on the assignment of USB memory devices connected to the USB hub, that the media drive indicator does change the address of drives assigned before, due to dynamic assignment of drive letters by the system.

    If you have problems, while playback from USB, make sure that the USB disk is formatted correctly. In this case, note the following: In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 you have the option of a quick format or full format. For problems with the disk, full format is recommended. Make shure that the checkbox at formatting options -> Quick format is not enabled. Make sure that the FAT32 file system is selected. Do not use NTFS, HPFS and EXTFAT file system settings.