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Volkswagen & Skoda – Z-E2026/H

  • Current Firmware Versions

    To keep your device up to date , ZENEC  releases software updates for models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability. If updates have been released, you may find Main System SW Updates, CAN-System updates, or Gracenote and Bluetooth updates. To avoid damage to your device, be sure to follow the update instructions carefully.

    The current Software version is: SW 2.4.0

    To find the current firmware version of your Z-E2026:
    – “Setup”
    – “Bottom right Icon”
    – “Version Info”
    – Tap “OK” to display the firmware version you are after.

    Z-E2026 Software Update

    After installing the software update please use the Set Up instructions to personalise your unit.

    Update Instructions Update Firmware Setup Instructions

  • Update your Navigation Software

    Navigation software updates (map data and system updates) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

    To Update your Navigation Software:
    1. Do you have the SD Card provided with your device?
    a. If no, a new SD card licence will need to be purchased
    b. If yes, proceed to the next step
    2. Register online at Naviextras.com
    3. Download and install the Naviextras Toolbox on your Windows PC (There is no Toolbox for Apple Mac Computers)
    4. Download and follow closely the “Navigation Update Instructions”

    Navigation Instructions Naviextras Toolbox

    How to Video for Navigation Update

  • Z-E2026 User Manual Quickstart Navigation Manual Navigation User Manual Hema User Manual

  • Please read before proceeding

    • Please note: the file download may be very large, so we do not recommend using a 4G or Mobile internet service.
    • Please check the internet connection and speed before proceeding.
    • This is a guide only. We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or layout of Hema Maps’ website will remain the same over time. Referenced aspects of this website may be updated or appear different then what is specified in the below instructions.
    How to Update Hema Maps Guide

    How to Update Hema Maps Video

  • What situations should be considered for device installation of the Z-E2026?

    The physical shape of the OE radio or navigation must be identical to the Z-E2026. Further information on vehicle compatability can be found by checking the vehicle compatibility list.

    There are two different main connectors for MIB(-PQ) vehicles. Do I need an adapter?

    No, the set content of the Z-E2026, however, contains both versions of the Quadlock connector harness. Depending on the model year and OE factory radio, you either need the Quadlock II or the Quadlock III harness. For more information please consult your Zenec Authorised Reseller.

    Sweeping and scrolling on the touch screen or confirming a selection feels a bit coarse. Is it working correctly?

    Yes. The touch screen of this device needs to comply with its automotive use character, like operation with gloves during winter time or bright sunlight during summer, so a resistive touch screen type is deployed. Resistive screen types respond to pressure only. This in turn means that the simple swipe or tipping on the surface like on a mobile phone (with capacitive screen) does not trigger a desired function. The screen should be operated with a little more finger pressure..

    Do I need an adaptor or interface to connect the two antenna leads of the vehicle to the Z-E2026?

    The Z-E2026 deploys a double FAKRA connector on its rear panel to connect the double FM antenna plug from the vehicle without further adaptors. Sometimes, the antenna lead of the vehicle is a bit short or the antenna connector of the vehicle is a 90° angled type. In such cases, the ZE-NC-ANT2 cable extension should be purchased and used for the install, to prevent mechanical strain.

    The Z-E2026 is equipped with a phase diversity twin tuner. This means that both tuner inputs of the Z-E2026 need to receive FM antenna signal. A second FM antenna can be retrofitted, depending on the VW vehicle model. For cases where retrofitting a second VW OE FM antenna is not practical, a cost effective alternative is provided by the ZE-NC-ANT3 antenna adapter, which creates a twin FM signal from a single FM antenna input signal. This means that apart from the Z-E2026 and the ZE-NC-ANT3 interface, no other additional wires are required for correct phase diversity tuner operation.

    Do I need to adjust the “Antenna Supply” setting in the setup menu?

    The Z-E2026 contains a phantom power supply, to feed active FM antennas. The ex works setting of the phantom antenna supply is ON. Please note that if the phantom power supply is disabled, this will cause poor FM reception (System Settings > General > Main > Antenna Supply > ON).

    On the first power-on or if the ZENEC device was disconnected from power, I cannot find a radio station?  

    Right after the first power-on process and after separation from the vehicle battery, the Z-E2026 will perform an automatic radio station search. Depending on the frequency band to be scanned, the search process can take up to 2.5 minutes. During the search period, radio playback is not possible.

    AF ON: With AF turned ON, the device will automatically search and select the best available FM station with radio station auto-scan. In Australia we recommend that this is turned off to avoid random radio station selection.

    Is it possible to operate the Z-E2026 with the ignition (ACC) of the vehicle in its OFF position?

    No, this ZENEC E>GO device requires ignition (and CAN net) to be powered on for the unit to operate, due to vehicle integration functions.

    CAN data is only present in the vehicle, when ignition status is ON – so for this reason operation of the unit is not possible when ignition of the car has been turned to its off position.

    The device features an “ALT” key.  What can this be used for?

    “ALT” is an abbreviation for “alternative” (UK / EN) and refers to a configurable function key, (see instructions page 87) where a specific function can be assigned via the Setup menu. The following direct function assignments are possible, for direct “ALT” button operation: reversing camera / Quick EQ / SmartLink / A/V-In / USB / iPod / DVD. (EN).

    How does the Z-E2026 support the MFA+ multifunction driver info display?

    The Z-E2026 does support Audio source related info on the driver info display, e.g. RDS radio station identifier and track info are supported ex works. As well, the Z-E2026 can also support the display of navigation turn key arrows on the MFD+ (multifunction display, incl. the Plus version). For the turn key arrow function to work this usually needs to be programmed for the device type from radio to navigation in the car configuration via the OBD II diagnosis port (service fees may apply).

    My Z-E2026 does not show any A/C status info.  Is my device defective?

    A/C status display integration is only functional when these function specific data packages are present in the vehicle CAN. The “small” (manual) A/C system does not provide vehicle integration.
    It could also be that this function disabled in the Setup menu. Therefore please check if this feature is active: (System Settings> CAR> AC Info> ON). Note that not all vehicles provide this information, specifications vary with vehicle model, model year and selection of optional equipment. Please check with your Authorised Zenec Reseller to determine if your vehicle supports this function.

    Is the Z-E2026 compatible with the VW OE sound systems?

    Yes. We generally distinguish three different sound systems, the 8 channel standard system, the 10-channel sound system and 10-channel sound system with DSP function. For vehicles with a 10-channel DSP sound system, the GALA function on the Z-E2026 can be adjusted as well:
    (System Settings> Audio> GALA> 0 – 7) and the gain of the amplifier as (System Settings> Audio> OE amplifier> 0 – 30).

    My vehicle features a factory installed rear view camera.  Is this camera supported by the Z-E2026?

    The Z-E2026 can directly process RGB video signals as generated by OE installed rear view cams. The factory reverse camera can be connected directly into the harness at the rear of the unit. Unfortunately this does not apply to all new VW vehicles and it is advisable to check with the dealer to determine if your factory camera will connect directly.

    Is the OE installed GPS antenna compatible with the Z-E2026 device?

    Yes, in most cases the factory fitted GPS antennas are equipped with a standard (blue) FAKRA connector which directly plugs into the Z-E2026 GPS socket on the rear panel of the device. However, we usually recommended that you install and use the GPS antenna supplied with the Zenec unit – this is beacuse it is optimized to work best with the navigation device hardware and will, in most instances, give you the best GPS system performance.

    Is it possible to connect or continue using OE installed Bluetooth hands-free module with the Z-E2026?

    No, this is not possible. The Z-E2026 comes with an integrated high quality Parrot hands-free module. If a OE BT based hands-free option is installed, it needs to be completely deactivated to prevent interference issues. This is best done by combining two measures: Unplug the wire to the Bluetooth module and remove the fuse assigned to this module in the main fuse box of the vehicle.

    How many smart phone devices can be paired?

    Device allows to pair up to three smart phones whereas two out of three can be connected. The auto-connect function only works for phone storage space one and two.

    My Volkswagen has ‘Voice Control’ will this still work with the Zenec Z-E2026 unit?

    No, the Zenec will not maintain the ‘Voice Control’ function in your vehicle.

    How does the TFT brightness adjustment and the day/night HMI switching work?

    The device features three different options to control the screen brightness. In the setup menu under Video / Picture on the second page, you will find the following settings: Brightness > Navi / Car.

    Choose “Navi” to allow the GPS system to set brightness automatically over day / night signal of the GPS system.

    Select “sensor” to allow the screen brightness adjustment via light sensor embedded in the device. Note that the sensor is slow to respond to fast changes of brightness on purpose. In this case the delay prevents fast and unwanted screen brightness changes (for example during device operation or driving through avenues with trees etc.).

    Select “Car” to adjust the brightness according to signals present in the CAN net of the vehicle itself.

    Note that if GPS signal controlled day / night switching is enabled, the sync process may take roughly 20 seconds, right after device start up.

    Day / night HMI switching: The factory default is set to day / night switching controlled by the GPS navigation system. However, you are provided with the option to adjust this function manually. If the GPS signal-controlled auto switching is not desired, it can be deactivated in the Navigation Pane of settings (NAV> More> Settings> Map Setup> Color> Day / Night / Auto).

    If I encounter difficulties in installing a navigation software update, Is there a ZENEC Support contact that could help me with this process?

    On the Zenec Australia website there are instructions that can be downloaded and there is also an tutorial video on the updating process. For end users, we have set up tutorial videos on doing navigation updates using a USB or a SD version depending on your device.These are available under the ‘Navigation Software’ tab in the software support area..

    Why do I need software updates and where do I find them?

    ZENEC sometimes releases software updates to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve reliability in general. Some updates also contain updated Bluetooth firmware, to offer improved compatibility with new mobile phones. Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC Australia homepage. Click on the “Support” button in the top section of page navigation and select your specific device for access to the respective software update pages.

    Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources from the Internet, this is because unauthorised software can irreversibly damage your unit. Devices that show software induced system failure by loading unauthorised software are excluded from warranty repair and this damage will be charged at current service rates for labour/support and parts if required. It may not be possible to repair the unit.

    My ZENEC device navigates incorrectly.  Some streets aren’t even shown on the device.

    We use maps from the market leader ‘here.com’ for Australia and New Zealand. Sometimes incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. If you experience this, we recommend that this should be reported directly to ‘here.com’ to enable them to correct their mapping data.

    Why does the Z-E2026 device reboot when I start the engine of my car?

    To protect the device electronics from under voltage conditions and resulting malfunction of function modules inside the device the ZENEC main board and the MCU constantly measure the power supply voltage via a sensor, to trigger a shut-down (and reboot) if the supply voltage drops below 9 V. The automatic sense process avoids faults on the device operation and incomplete loading of software data. This is a device self protection mechanism and not a fault with the unit. If the device does reboot after engine start from time to time, it is recommended to see your car dealer for an inspection of the condition of the battery, and if wires and contacts are corroded to cause supply voltage drop below 9V.

    What should I consider when using SD cards?

    The SD card reader slot on the front side of the Z-E2026 device is reserved for the navigation SD-card operation and data retrieval exclusively. Avoid removing the SD card from the device when the satellite navigation application is running as this could corrupt the software. It is not possible to playback video or audio files stored on normal SD cards using the SD-card slot on the front panel.

    The USB hub keeps changing the drive indication?

    It can happen, depending on the assignment of USB memory devices connected to the USB hub, that the media drive indicator will change the address of drives assigned previously, due to dynamic assignment of drive letters by the system OS.

    If you have problems with file playback from USB sticks, make sure that the USB media is formatted correctly before use. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 give you the option of a quick format or full format process. For any problems encountered with USB sticks, applying a full format is recommended. Make sure that the checkbox at formatting options -> Quick format is not enabled. Also make sure, the FAT32 file system has been selected. Do not use NTFS, HPFS and EXTFAT file system / format settings.

    Content on the USB data carrier is not recognised even after successful formatting?

    It may happen that the file system on the disk has been damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defective due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reasons for this to happen, such as previous usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process.

    If this is the case, then you must format the data carrier again to make it work correctly.

    Note: If the data carrier after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.

    What do I need to consider for audio playback from USB source?

    Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks to ensure optimum performance.Study the compatibility features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is limited to a current of 400MA maximum consumption. In most cases, external hard disk models will exceed 400mA and therefore Zenec does not recommend the use of such products.