Software Updates

ZENEC constantly checks the operation and compatibility of all products. This includes updates of the main system and navigation section, the CAN interface or he Bluetooth compatibility. For the latest device models, updates are published once or twice a year and listed on these web pages. All updates can be downloaded using your PC or notebook.

E>GO Naviceivers

ZE-NC2011D Z-E2014M Z-E2015 Z-E2026 ZE-NC2051D
ZE-NC3131D ZE-NC3141D ZE-NC3152D Z-E3215 ZE-NC3811D
ZE-NC4121D ZE-NC4612 Z-E4626 ZE-NC5011D Z-E7015/S

Universal Naviceiver

ZE-NC620D Z-N720 Z-N626