Why is Protection Necessary?

Just because you have a modern vehicle doesn’t mean it can’t be stolen or easily broken into.
If you own a car with Keyless Entry and Keyless Start, there is a good chance that you are more vulnerable than you might think.


What is Relay Theft?

What Protection is Available?

Advanced ICE has a new solution to help prevent this kind of attack: Secure-A-Key
It is affordable and installs in the Key Fob in just 30 seconds!


Watch our installation video to see just how easy it is!

How Does Secure-A-Key Work?

“Secure-A-Key” installs inside your vehicle’s Keyless-GO remote and electronically disconnects the battery from the fob after a few minutes of inactivity.
This disables the radio frequency communication of the key fob until the key is once again in motion.



Secure Your Car with Secure-A-Key

There are two different options available for your Key Fob.
Please select which battery type is in your Key Fob:
CR2450 Battery
CR2032 Battery

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