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Volkswagen Touareg

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Volkswagen Touareg


TowPro, Street Navigation & Hema 4WD Nav

Products Installed: 1427-1

Slide Many 12V Installers are very capable on your more popular vehicles like Landcruisers, Hilux, Patrol etc., but working on European vehicles is completely different due to their often advanced Technology. Our customer was given a small screen to stick to his windscreen to view his caravan camera, but this was not ideal, especially since the vehicle has a massive 15 inch display.

So we integrated a Dual Caravan Camera image into the factory display which is easily activated via long press of the OK button on the right side of the steering wheel. Check out the video to see how it works...
Slide Unfortunately the first installer that had a crack at setting everything up for him, had no idea where to install the Tow Pro. So he installed it down in the footwell where it was impossible for the driver make any adjustments while driving let alone to be able to reach it in an emergency, With a bit of time and effort, we managed to extend the wiring and get the Tow Pro installed in the perfect, easily accessible location.

We also wired in all his power requirements for his Caravan as per the manufacturers specifications, including Anderson Plugs for charging, stability control and Fridge power.
Slide Trying to mount an external monitor on this car with its smaller window aperture actually inhibits the view of the driver and on this model Touareg it has the "Heads Up Display" which adds to the challenge.

But when you have a 15 Inch screen the natural place to view the camera image is on it rather than mount external displays . We integrated a dual caravan camera on this vehicle so the customer get the best possible view whilst driving forward and a wide angle view of right behind the caravan.
Slide The factory navigation is pretty good on this vehicle, but it doesn't have the features the customer really wanted for towing his Caravan. He wanted that extra peace of mind that he wouldn't take out his air conditioner on the top of his caravan on a low bridge, or that he wouldn't be sent down a road that he couldn't do a U-Turn on.

Our Premium Navigation system gives him that peace of mind along with many other handy features like Camps Australia Wide POI and Advanced Road Sign Warnings. We also added Hema 4WD Nav so the customer can have a nice topographical view when touring the country.

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Volkswagen Transporter


Reverse Camera Integration

Products Installed: 1317

Slide A lot of commercial Volkswagen vehicles come with a very basic radio that does not have a reverse camera installed from factory. So many customers choose to upgrade the radio to one with more functionality and features.

This customer initially was given a monitor on his dash to see his reverse camera, but we were able to easily move that into the factory display where it functions like factory, including the visual display of the factory parking sensors.

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