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Ford Ranger

Premium Navigation, Hema 4WD Nav

Products Installed: NAV-FO-P1H

Slide While the Sync 3 navigation on the Ford Ranger and Everest is OK, this customer wanted added functionality that is not included in the factory navigation.

He wanted the peace of mind that our Premium Navigation system provides with its built in Caravan functions. Things like setting vehicle weight, length, width and height and to be navigated accordingly. This means the navigation will avoid directions that are difficult while towing a caravan e.g. U-Turns. The navigation will also avoid roads with low bridges.
Slide Our customer likes to adventure off the beaten track, so with our Hema 4WD Nav built in, he knows he will never be lost with the built in Hema 4WD Nav. He can log is trails and mark way points of places he has visited so that he can easily find his way back there in the future.

With this system, we were also easily able to add the customers caravan camera image into the nice high res 8 inch Sync 3 System, so there is no need for any additional monitors on his dash.

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Caravan Camera Integration

Products Installed: 1321

Slide For this customer we had a fairly common request. He wanted his brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrack setup so that he could view his caravan camera on the factory screen instead of adding an addition screen on the windscreen.

Check out the video to see how this completely plug and play (and easy to install) system works on Ford Ranger and Everest vehicles.
Slide While we had the car in our Workshop installing the Caravan Camera, we were able to completely setup the vehicle for all the Caravan's Electrical needs. We installed three Anderson Plugs on the back of his vehicle along with the required Relays and Circuit Breakers required, all neatly installed in an easy to access location should any servicing be needed.

Whilst we weren't the cheapest, the customer had experienced problems in the past and he wanted the job done right the first time.

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Ford F-Truck Super Duty

Camera Controller with 3 video inputs

Products Installed: 1417

Slide This F250 Platinum comes with Fords Sync 3 System and an awesome camera system installed from factory. The Camera system has 5 cameras installed and has provision for a trailer camera as well.

The customer came to us after trying so many different companies for a solution that would allow him to have his caravan camera image displayed up on the factory high resolution 8 inch display.

So our partners from NavTV in the US have the perfect product - their Ford Camera On Demand system.

Check out the video to see how it works.
Slide The F250 with the 5 Camera System has a proprietary plug at the back of the vehicle which allows the connection of a Factory Ford Trailer camera. We used a plug and play harness with differential video conversion to allow easy connection of an aftermarket camera.

This combined with the Camera on Demand system from NavTV meant that we could easily add the customers caravan camera image up on the factory screen which is visible whilst driving forwards and in reverse.
Slide The Ford Factory Camera system does have some limitations though. Mainly you can't view the cameras whilst driving and it doesn't remember the last camera that you viewed. The NavTV COD module fixes both of those problems and also allows the passenger to easily access menus that are normally locked out whilst driving.

You can also easily add 3 additional cameras which can be activated by the factory auxiliary switches mounted in the overhead console. The system is made in the USA and its completely plug and play making for an easy DIY install.

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