Part: SWC-TY-02


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Compatible with the following Vehicle:-

  • 2015 Facelift LC200 Landcruiser GXL

Question – What has been upgraded in this system over the SWC-TY-02?

Answer – We have been able to source a high quality Clockspring that we now are using as standard.

Question – Does this system work with the factory installed Satellite Navigation System?

Answer – Yes, this system works perfectly with the factory installed radio on the GXL model only.

Question – I have replaced the factory installed radio with an aftermarket version, will this system work with my aftermarket system?

Answer – Yes this system has been tested with an aftermarket radio and all functions worked perfectly. However, depending on the aftermarket system installed, additional interfaces will mostly likely be required. You will need to discuss this with the company that supplied and installed your aftermarket system.

Question – Can I install this product myself?

Answer – The installation requires removing the air bag, so it is highly recommended that it is installed by a qualified technician.

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