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The new generation of RAM trucks now come with a much more advanced infotainment setup that include either a huge 12 inch screen or an 8.4 inch screen. However some of these vehicles that are imported do not come with Australian map data. Our Hema 4WD Nav is the perfect solution if you want to add offroad mapping to your car.

  • Includes Hema Maps’ entire digital collection of 4WD and Touring Maps

Considering these vehicles are built for towing, why not integrate extra cameras from your Caravan or Trailer into the factory screen. This allows you to easily keep an eye on what’s happening behind you when your on the road, but also have better visibility when reversing.  

  • 16GB Industrial SD Card
  • Hema 4WD Nav (OziExplorer CE)
  • High Definition (HDMI) Navigation Computer
  • Activation of Navigation by long press of Nav button
  • Compatible with factory fitted Reverse Camera
  • 2 year hardware warranty*
  • Additional video input for Front/Caravan Camera

Note* 1 year warranty on SD Card

Q: How do I perform Hema Map Updates?
A: Unfortunately Hema Maps no longer supports online updates for this product, but maps are only released every two years so regular map updates are not required. If an updates is required, the Map SD Card needs to be returned to Advanced ICE to have the latest maps installed.

User Manuals

User Manual - Download

Hema 4WD Nav User Manual - Download

How to Videos

***PLEASE NOTE: The Hema 4WD Nav used on this product is based on the OziExplorer Software and is therefore different to other Hema Products including the HX-1 and Apps available on tablets and smartphones. The below videos are sourced from Hema Maps’ website and may not accurately reflect the full functionality of the current version of Hema 4WD Nav.***

Hema 4WD Nav: Understanding Maps in OziExlorer

Hema 4WD Nav: Planning a Route

Hema 4WD Nav: How to Add and Edit WayPoints

Hema 4WD Nav: How to Navigate with OziExplorer

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