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Part: KIT-CHK1

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Complete Fascia, Metal Brackets, USB Hub, Antenna Adapter and Headunit Adapter ready Plug and Play T Harness for select 2014 – 2022 Jeep Cherokee. Greatly simplifies the installation of an AUS-MRR & AUS-MRR2 (Sold Separately) when installing a Maestro Compatible Radio.  

The Fascia even comes with two different colour trims (Gold & Silver) and it also supports two different types of Climate Control Button configuations. So one kit does all vehicle configurations. 

The radio side of the T Harness terminates in a universal connector that can be used with an available Maestro Headunit Adapter Cable (sold separately). Remember to order the correct adapter for the headunit you are installing. 

How to Videos

iDatalink Maestro KIT-CHK1 2014+ Jeep Cherokee Installation

iDatalink Maestro CHK1 Installation Tutorial

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