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Factory Sound Systems can often be dull and blanketed, with weak highs and poorly damped low frequencies which is a result of low power and mundane factory tuned audio outputs.  There are many ways to correct this but often complete replacement of the factory Audio unit is impossible or very expensive and replacing door speakers and adding high powered DSP Amplifiers is very labour intensive and expensive too. 

Enter the Encore X. This new small foot print plug and play DSP amplifier from Beat-Sonic in Japan will transform the sound of the factory audio system in your Nissan, without the need to replace the factory speakers. 

It is quite often beleived that in a modern vehicle that the speakers installed from the factory are sub standard. Whilst its true that they are not the best quality, they can actually sound really good by improving the audio source and giving them more power.  

This product comes with a custom DSP tune* to bring your factory audio system to life, and its a completely plug and play installation.  

Note - Not available for all vehicles. 


  • Class AB Amplifier - 4 Channels
  • Power Output - 45W x 4CH (4Ohm)
  • Speaker Impedence - 4 Ohm
  • Audio Inputs - 4 x Speaker High Level
  • Audio Outputs - 4 x Speaker Output & 6 x RCA (2.2V P-P)
  • DSP Resolution - 24bit
  • Sampling Rate - 48kHz
  • Crossover - Bypass, Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass
  • Frequency Range - 20 - 22kHz (31 bands)
  • THD - 0.01%
  • Operating Voltage - DC 10V - 15V
  • Quiescent Current - 350mA
  • Fuse - 15A
  • Dimensions - 170mm (W) x 103mm (D) x 45mm (H)
  • Weight - 625gm Excluding the T Harness

Compatible with the following Nissan Vehicles without Factory Amplifier:-

  • Nissan Navara 2020 - 2024 with 8 Inch Factory Screen.

Note - 

  • Just because your vehicle isn't listed above, doesn't mean this system isn't compatible, its likely we just haven't seen it yet to do testing. So please reach out to our Sales Team for further assistance. 
  • The system comes with a DSP Tune that is designed to be suitable for the majority of listeners. If custom tuning is required this can be done by your dealer at an additional cost. 

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