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Part: 1463-1

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This system is perfect for adding 2 additional cameras onto the Factory Toyota screen. It could be a combination of a Front Camera, Tray Camera or a Caravan/Trailer Camera. Alternatively it could be Caravan Camera that has 2 different lenses included, one for driving forwards and one for reverse, just like this one: VANCAM-DUALB

This system includes a video sensing module and video switching module which means that when you connect your Caravan/Trailer and the camera is powered, when you put your vehicle into reverse gear the Caravan/Trailer Camera will automatically display instead of the Factory Camera. If you want to, you can also access both additional cameras while driving forwards.


  • Retention of Factory Reverse Camera (if installed)
  • Additional RCA inputs for 2 Cameras. One which will go inline of the Factory Reverse Camera
  • Ability to program a Front Camera to automatically display on the screen when driving under 15km/h
  • Ability to program secondary Camera to show for 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds or push on / push off
  • When Caravan/Trailer is connected, the system will automatically switch to the Caravan/Trailer Camera when vehicle is put into reverse
  • See either additional camera while driving forwards

Note: For vehicles with factory navigation, the cursor indicating the direction of travel will be temporarily interrupted while the 1463-1 is engaged. Current position and direction will be re-calibrated once the 1463-1 is turned off.

Compatible with the following Vehicles Without Factory Installed 360 Degree Camera System but with Apple Car Play and Android Auto:

  • Fortuner from 2020
  • Hilux from 2020
  • Landcruiser Prado GX/GXL from 2020
Q: Will this system allow me to install both a Front Camera and also a Caravan/Trailer Camera?
A: Yes. With the Caravan/Trailer Camera, it will always be a second press of the button to access this while driving forwards. If you only need to add one camera, please use the 1463.

Q: Can I use this part if my Caravan has 2 cameras installed at the back?
A: Yes you can. This system will allow you to connect the camera you use while driving forward to one input and the camera for reversing will go inline with the factory reverse camera. This system really is perfect for this application.

Q: What are the benefits of your system?
A: Versatility. Being able to connect 2 extra cameras no matter what the application is very helpful and allows for this system to be customized. It is even possible to add more cameras, though an extra part will likely be required. Contact us if you would like to add more than 2 cameras to the factory system.

Q: Can this product be used to show my Factory Reverse Camera while driving forwards?
A: No. As one of the additional cameras is taking over the Factory Reverse Camera when the Caravan/Trailer is connected, you will be able to access this camera, not the Factory Camera, while driving forward.

Q: Can the Front Camera come on automatically based on my speed?
A: Yes it can. There is an option to enable this feature for when you go under 15km/h. This speed cannot be adjusted.

Q: Are there other ways to activate the Front Camera?
A: Yes there are. You can set the module to come on when you press the Camera button. You can then choose for it to show for 5, 10, 15 or 20 secs before turning off automatically or a fifth option is for it to stay on until you press the Camera button again to turn it off.

Q: What happens when I put the vehicle into Reverse?
A: Your Caravan/Trailer Camera will show up automatically as long as it is connected. Once you disconnect the Caravan/Trailer, your Factory Reverse Camera will show up as per normal.

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