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This product is a simple to use coding dongle that will deactivate the automatic start / stop function for many Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles.

Programming the vehicle takes only a few minutes and then the system will permanently deactivate the start / stop function. It can easily be reactivated by performing the coding process again and the coding dongle can be reused on the one vehicle as many times as is required. 

Compatible with the following vehicles:-


  • Audi A3 8V* 
  • Audi TT 8S (FV) 
  • Audi A4 8K from model year 2013 
  • Audi A5 8T from model year 2012 
  • Audi Q2 GA* 
  • Audi Q3 F3* 
  • Audi Q5 8R from model year 2013 
  • Audi A4 8W 
  • Audi A5 F5 
  • Audi A6 4G 
  • Audi A6 4A to Mj. 2018 
  • Audi A7 4G 
  • Audi A7 4K until model year 2018 
  • Audi A8 4H 
  • Audi A8 4N until model year 2018 
  • Audi Q5 FY 
  • Audi Q7 4M 

  • VW Golf 7 VII* 
  • VW Tiguan AD1* 
  • VW Passat B8* 
  • VW Polo AW1* 
  • VW T6 (up to 2018) 


  • Skoda Octavia 5E* 
  • Skoda Superb 3V* 
  • Skoda Kodiaq NS7* 
  • On MLB car’s (A4 8W, A5 F5, Q5 FY, Q74M, Q8 4M until Model year 2018) it is mandatory that the air conditioning is switched on (AC switched on), otherwise the engine will stop when the function is switched on.
  • When using the dongle, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of your vehicle can no longer correspond to the manufacturer’s / car dealer’s mandatory information.

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