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Most new Ford vehicles now come with a nice big high resolution 8 inch screen with a factory reverse camera. This product allows for the integration of a Dual Caravan/Trailer Camera onto the factory screen and it’s completely plug and play. 

When the Caravan is connected and you engage reverse gear, the system will automatically display the camera on the back of the Caravan that has a wider angle and allows you to see directly behind the Caravan. 

Then when you’re driving, you can see the long view camera by a simple prolonged press of the OK button on the steering wheel*, 

  • Activated via OK Button on the Steering Wheel*
  • Plug and Play Vehicle Installation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA**

On Ford F Trucks, a switch is required (not provided) for activation. 
** For use with NTSC cameras only.

Compatible with the following Ford Vehicles with Sync 2, Sync 3 or Sync 3.4 installed:-

  • Everest UA
  • Everest UA II
  • Ranger PX II
  • Ranger PX III
  • Ranger PX III Raptor
  • F Truck – F150*
  • F Truck – F250/F350** (activation via a switch)

* Not compatible on vehicles with 360 Degree Camera 
** Not compatible with Superduty from 2017 with factory 5 camera system.

Q: A long press of the OK button on the right side of my steering wheel resets the trip meter. When I activate the camera will it also reset my trip meter?
A: To activate the camera is a long press of 1-2 seconds, so it will not reset the trip meter as this requires a long press for 4-5 seconds. You would only need to be careful with the timing of the long press when showing the trip computer screen in your cluster.
Q: Can I view both cameras from my Dual Caravan Camera when driving forwards?
A: This system has been designed to see only one camera (the long view camera) when driving forwards and the second camera (wide angle reverse camera) when you engage reverse gear. It has auto sensing and switching technology to automatically override the factory reverse camera when the Caravan/Trailer is connected to the vehicle. It will then automatically revert back to the vehicles factory reverse camera when the Caravan/Trailer is disconnected. We do have custom solutions that allow more camera viewing options so please contact our sales team for assistance. 

Q: Is my existing Caravan Camera compatible with this system?
A: If your vehicle has the Sync 3 or Sync 3.4 system installed, this system will work with all cameras with either a PAL or NTSC video signal. However, if your vehicle has the Sync 2 system, it will only work with an NTSC video signal so you will need to check the specifications of your camera before ordering. 

Q: My Caravan Camera has a built in Microphone, will the audio from that come through my factory speakers?
A: In order for the audio from a Caravan Camera to come through the factory speakers, the factory infotainment system requires an auxiliary input (3.5mm Headphone Jack). If your vehicle has an Aux input it is possible with the use of some optional cables. If your vehicle does not have an auxiliary input then unfortunately there is no way to get the sound through the factory speakers. 

Q: Will my Caravan Camera cable connect to your system?
A: Our systems have a Female RCA connection for the caravan camera (see below image #1). Most Caravan Cameras will have a multi-pin plug so an adapter from this connection to a Male RCA is normally required. An example is below in image #2. If you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with us, send us a picture and we will be able to advise what you will need.

  • This product is designed for NTSC cameras. Sync 3 & Sync 3.4 Systems will work with PAL Cameras and NTSC cameras but we always recommend to use NTSC if possible. Sync 2 systems are only compatible with NTSC Cameras. 
  • This system is designed for short activation periods only, not for long periods of viewing the caravan camera. If the system is activated for extended periods of time it can cause the navigation to be inaccurate for a few minutes.
  • Depending on the camera installed it is normal for there to be a slight video sync issue when switching between to the secondary camera.
Warranty Information

This product comes with a 2 Year return to base warranty against manufacturing defects. For all technical support or to make a warranty claim, contact the company/business that supplied/installed the product for you. Advanced ICE Pty Ltd is not liable for any remove or refit charges incurred. If the product fails within 30 days of purchase or installation, the product will be replaced or exchanged provided sufficient proof can be provided via picture or video that the fault/problem is as a result of a manufacturing defect. If the product fails after 30 days, the product should be returned to Advanced ICE Pty Ltd and it will be repaired or replaced once confirmation is made that the fault/problem is because of a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover faults related to user error, damage or incorrect installation.

Please contact the company/business that installed the product for you and arrange a time to have the product inspected. If you do not know this information or you are experiencing problems making the warranty claim, please log a support case by emailing Advanced ICE Pty Ltd directly on the below email address. Before emailing, please ensure you have a copy of the Proof of purchase, the products serial number (if product is serialised) and the product has been registered on the Advanced ICE website.

Advanced ICE Pty Ltd – Email – support@advancedice.com.au – Website – www.advancedice.com.au

Warranty Terms & Conditions

1 – This warranty document supersedes all other warranty information that may be listed on the Manufacturers website or in provided manuals or documentation.
2 – The end user agrees to use this product in compliance with all State and Federal laws. Advanced ICE Pty Ltd, the manufacturer or the seller will not be held liable for misuse of this product. If you do not agree, please do not purchase or install this product.
3 – We reserve the right to carry out technical changes to improve products at any time. Advanced ICE Pty Ltd does not guarantee that products can be updated with new features or software enhancements. If software updates are available, the product must be sent in at own cost. Advanced ICE Pty Ltd will not cover the labour cost for the removal and refitting of the product and other expenses involved with the software-updates.
4 – If the product is connected to or utilises the functionality or connectivity of other accessories or devices (ie Mobile Phone), Advanced ICE Pty Ltd does not guarantee the product will be compatible with future software updates of the device or new devices.
5 – Advanced ICE Pty Ltd does not guarantee that this product can be transferred to another vehicle, even though it may be a similar make and model.
6 – Advanced ICE Pty Ltd does not guarantee this product against future vehicle updates or warranty repairs (hardware or software) performed by the vehicle manufacturer.
7 – Please check with the vehicles manufacturer if installation of aftermarket products will affect the vehicles warranty before purchasing and/or installing this product. Advanced ICE Pty Ltd assumes no liability.
8 – Removal and refit charges related to any warranty claim are at the discretion of the seller of the product. If another seller is used for removal and refit of any warranty claim this will be payable by the end user.
9 – Technical support for software updates that can be performed by the user are not covered under warranty and a service charge will apply.

What's Not Covered

A warranty claim will be rejected if:-
1 – Unauthorised changes or modifications have been made to the device or accessories.
2 – The device’s case, accessories, “Warranty Seals” or stickers have been damaged, opened and/or tampered with.
3 – Attempted unauthorised repairs to a product and/or accessories.
4 – Improper use or operation.
5 – Loading of unauthorised or incompatible software.
6 – Problems that relate to the installation of additional products or accessories not supplied by Advanced ICE Pty Ltd.
7 – Navigation SD Card has been tampered with or has had unauthorised or incompatible maps or files added.

Returns Policy

Advanced ICE Pty Ltd recommends that you read our website and watch any videos if available before purchasing to ensure that the features and functions of the product are suitable for your requirements. If you are not sure, please contact an authorised reseller or our sales and technical support team for further assistance before purchasing the product. 

Change of Mind (Pre Installation) – Products can be returned within 14 days of purchase provided it is in Brand New unopened condition. Products must be returned to the place of purchase, they should not be returned directly to Advanced ICE if the product was purchased through a reseller. All Freight charges are at the buyer’s expense and a 10% fee will be charged to cover handling and restocking. A refund will only be issued once the product has been examined and confirmed to be in new condition.

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