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The Advanced ICE LC200 Sahara Caravan or Trailer Camera system is the perfect upgrade to add additional cameras on to the existing high resolution screen in the 200 Series Sahara. With the simple press of a button you can access the camera on your Caravan or Trailer so that you can see behind you when driving forward.

  • Access up to 3 video sources while driving forwards*
  • Existing factory fitted vehicle cameras work as normal
  • All existing features of the vehicle remain unaffected. Audio from the radio continues to function when camera is activated.
  • Utilises the existing 8 Inch display in the vehicle, no need to add additional displays to your dash or windscreen.


  • Video Sources must be in NTSC format. Not compatible with PAL Cameras
  • See related items if you wish to the see the camera when in reverse and/or driving forwards

Compatible with the following Vehicles:-

  • Land Cruiser LC200 Series Sahara from 2012 til 2015 with EMV Satellite Navigation System
  • The video signal of the additional cameras must be NTSC. PAL video format is not supported by the original monitor. 

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