Toyota LC200 VX Premium Caravan Camera System

Part Number: 1259-2

The Landcruiser has always been a very popular tow vehicle and the latest models come with a high resolution display. So it makes sense to utilise this screen to view a caravan camera image rather than add unsightly additional displays to the dash.

For the 2015 facelift LC200 Series Landcruiser VX we can offer a premium caravan/trailer camera system that seamlessly integrates up to two (2) cameras to the factory screen. The system includes a video sensing module that automatically changes to the caravan camera picture when the caravan is hooked up to the vehicle and reverse gear is engaged. As soon as the caravan camera is disconnected the factory reverse camera displays as normal, so there is no need for any external switches.

You can even activate the caravan camera image while driving forward without interrupting the audio from the cars sound system. All you need to do is long press the factory NAV button and the camera image will display, just like a rear view mirror.

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$1,099.00 RRP (Incl. GST)

  • 2 x Video Inputs
  • A Front Camera can be installed and activated by a switch.
  • Automatic Video Sensing module changes to the caravan camera image when in reverse when the caravan is connected to the vehicle.
  • No additional external switches required. (Accept if adding Front Camera)
  • Camera Image can be viewed while driving forwards while still listening to the factory audio system.
  • Activation of the camera video while driving forwards is via a simple long press of the vehicles NAV button.
  • 2 Year Warranty
Note - Only compatible with NTSC Cameras. 

Compatible with the following Vehicles:-
  • Landcruiser 200 Series VX with 9 Inch Screen and Reverse Camera only from late 2015 up to July 2018
- Only compatible with cameras that run NTSC video signal. If you have a camera existing on your caravan/trailer, please check it is NTSC before ordering.