Toyota LC200 Series VX/Sahara Caravan/Trailer Camera Interface

Part Number: 1259

Toyota Landcruisers have always been a popular car for towing large Caravans and Boats. But when you tow something large it blocks what you can usually see in your rear view mirror. A popular solution to this is to mount a camera on the back of the caravan or trailer which can usually be viewed on a separate/secondary screen.

However, many new models are now coming with existing large High Resolution screens as standard equipment. This product allows that existing screen to be used to display the caravan camera image while driving forwards and without effecting the current audio playing. The system is Plug and Play and you simply long press the "NAV" button on the vehicles audio system and the screen switches to display the camera picture.

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$799.00 RRP (Incl. GST)

  • 2 x Video Inputs*
  • A Front Camera can be installed and activated by a switch.
  • No additional external switches required. (Accept if adding Front Camera)
  • 1 x MHL/HDMI Input* (Requires Additional Accessories)
  • Camera Image can be viewed while driving forwards while still listening to the factory audio system.
  • Activation of the caravan camera picture while driving forwards is via a simple long press of the vehicles NAV button.
  • 2 Year Warranty
Note - Only compatible with NTSC Video Formats. Audio Integration requires the use of the OEM AUX input if adding additional AV Sources.

Compatible with the following Vehicles:-
  • Landcruiser 200 Series Sahara with 9 Inch Screen from late 2015 to July 2018
  • Landcruiser 200 Series VX with 9 Inch Screen from late 2015 to July 2018 (Not compatible with vehicles with a build date from August 2018 with Surround View Camera)
- Only compatible with cameras that run NTSC video signal. If you have a camera existing on your caravan/trailer, please check it is NTSC before ordering.