Holden, Chevrolet & GMC Mylink Hema 4WD Nav Integration

Part Number: NAV-GM-1H

While 4WD Navigation is extremely important if you venture off the beaten track, you usually need to attach a portable device to your windscreen or dash, which can be an inconvenience and impact your visibility. Our MyLink Integrated Hema 4WD Nav solution seamlessly adds Hema Maps full collection of digital maps to the vehicle's existing high resolution 8 inch screen. 

Also, since this is a popular car for towing large trailers or caravans, the system has additional video inputs so that extra cameras can be displayed on the factory screen while driving forwards. If viewing of the caravan camera image is required when in reverse, the Premium Caravan Camera Upgrade Kit will also be required.

Premium Caravan Camera Upgrade Kit - 1319-2
  • High Definition Digital Navigation Computer
  • Hema 4WD Nav (OziExplorer)
  • Activation Via a Long Press of the Home button
  • Plug and Play Installation
*Note: If these inputs are being used for an A/V Source, the factory auxiliary input if installed is required to input the audio to the factory system.


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$1,199.00 RRP (Incl. GST)

Compatible with the following Vehicles:-
  • Chevrolet Silverado from 2015
  • GMC Sierra from 2015
  • Holden Colorado from 2016 with factory Navigation
  • Holden Trailblazer from 2016 with factory Navigation
  • HSV Colorado Sportscat with factory Navigation
  • HSV Silverado from 2018
Q: How is the system activated?
A: Press the "Home" button on your factory system

Q: How do I perform street navigation updates?
A: You can find Navigation Update Instructions and a Navigation Update Video under the "Downloads" tab of this product.

Q: What warranty does this system come with?
A: The hardware of your system comes with a 3 year warranty except for the SD card, which has a 12 month warranty.

Q: Does it interfere with any factory features?
A: If you do not have the navigation showing on the screen, then all factory features will remain as they are. Reverse cameras (if installed) will continue to be displayed when reverse is selected and Bluetooth phone calls can still be answered even if the navigation is showing on the screen. On some systems we integrate with the factory speakers, so the audio of the system may be dimmed only when voice guidance is active. Other systems use a separate speaker for voice guidance so your factory audio will continue as normal even when voice guidance is given.

Q: What Point of Interest information is available?
A: The navigation system comes with over 750,000 points of interest built in, which includes petrol stations, restaurants, accommodation, parks and many more.

Q: How does the historical traffic function work?
A: This function uses data that has been collected based on traffic congestion at particular times of day to provide its information. This locally stored information can be very useful in normal circumstances but for example on public holidays it may be better to turn it off in order not to take account of normal weekday traffic jams.

Q: What sort of voice guidance does the system have?
A: There are 3 options for voice guidance. A “TTS” (Text-To-Speech) voice will give you the most information and will announce street names, etc. A non-TTS voice will announce directions, but will not announce things like street names. Lastly, you can set the system to have no voice guidance by muting the voice. This is done by pressing the “Menu” button and then selecting the small “Speaker” icon that appears along the bottom.

Q: Do I need my mobile phone to be navigated?
A: No. This system is completely independent of any phone and it relies solely on GPS signal for navigation.

Q: Why is my GPS time wrong?
A: This is likely just a setting in your navigation. In the “Settings” menu, select “Regional”. Here you will be able to adjust whether the navigation system bases the time on your location or whether you want to set it manually (eg. GMT +10 for AEST). If your time is 1 hour out, there is also the setting for Daylight Saving Time which can be found here and adjusted if necessary.

Q: How can I change the voice?
A: Go to “Menu”, page across to “Settings”. Select “Regional” and then go in to “Voice Language” and change to your preferred option.

Q: Why are the speed limits or streets wrong (even though they have been the same for many years)?
A: It is a very difficult process to map with 100% accuracy and the map provider does make use of end user information. Sometime things change (eg. new school zone), sometimes the data is incorrect. Please ensure that you have updated your navigation to ensure you have the most up to date content. If you have the latest maps available and the information is still incorrect please google “here map error” and look for their “Map Creator”. Click on the “Feedback” button down the bottom to report an error.

Q: Can I turn off the navigation system so that it only works when I want to use it?
A: Yes, you can. Go the “Menu”, scroll across and “Exit” the navigation. Once exited, select “Setting”, then “User setting” and change the “Start program” to “Home”. Now when you want to use your navigation, you will have to activate the navigation each time you start the car by pressing the “Navi” button.