Holden Mylink Integrated Android System

Part Number: AND-HO-01

The Holden Mylink Integrated Android System gives you convenient access to most of your favourite apps on the 8 Inch High Resolution touch screen in the Holden VF Commodore, Malibu & Cruze. Access Apps like, Navigation, Multimedia, Social Media, Vehicle Diagnostics and much more. Check out the below video for a demonstration.

Features Include:-
  • HDMI Android System (Black Box)
  • 2 x Built in USB ports¬†
  • Wifi for Smart Phone Tethering
  • 2 x Additional A/V Inputs
  • Reverse Camera Input
  • Programmable Front camera input for auto activation when leaving Drive or Reverse
  • Additional HDMI Input for Screen Mirroring via HDMI Cable
  • Wireless Screen Mirroring for Android Phones


$1,399.00 RRP (Incl. GST)

Compatible with the following Holden Vehicles with Mylink System:-
  • VF Commodore
  • Malibu
  • Cruze
Question - Does this system replace my existing factory radio or audio system?

Answer - No this is an add on system that integrates to your factory screen and radio, there are no hardware or software modifications made to your existing audio system.

Question - Is this system the same as phone mirroring

Answer - No. This system is a stand alone Android Module (Black Box) that is permanently installed in the vehicle and does not require a connection to your mobile phone in order to be used. However, the system does have wireless screen mirroring functionality (Android Phones Only), but when in screen mirroring mode it does not support touch control of the applications from the factory touch screen.

Question - Is this system the same as Android Auto?

Answer - No this system is completely different. Android Auto is accessed by connecting your phone to a USB input and giving you access to selected applications.

This system has its own Android Module (Black Box) which is permanently installed in the vehicle. It allows you to install most applications directly on to the module for use at anytime, without plugging in your phone. The only reason you need to connect a mobile phone is if a particular App requires an internet connection, then you can tether to your Mobile via the Android Modules built in Wifi capabilities.

Question - What Android software does the system run and can it be updated?

Answer - The system runs Jelly Bean 4.22 and it cannot be updated to new versions of Android Software.

Question - Can I install GPS or Navigation Applications on the Android Module?

Answer - Yes you can install GPS and Navigation Applications as the Android Module has its own Automotive Grade GPS Antenna. The only limitation with some applications is that they require an internet connection so consideration should be given to the data allowance available on the mobile telephone plan.

Question - Does the system allow me to play music or video media files?

Answer - Yes. They Android Module has two USB ports that can be used for connecting a USB Stick so that audio and video files can be played on the system. However, please make sure that your vehicle has an Auxiliary Audio input as this is required so that the audio will come through your factory speakers. 

Question - How can I install applications on the Android Module?

Answer - The system has built in Wifi that will allow you to connect to a Wireless network or tether to a mobile phone. Once an internet connection is established, simply login to Google Play Store your with Google account and install the applications you want. Please Note that Advanced ICE does not guarantee that ALL Apps are supported and we cannot offer technical support for every individual App.

Question - Can I connect to a Bluetooth OBDII Adaptor?

Answer - This system does not have a built in Bluetooth module so with the included contents of the system this is not possible. However, some customers have purchased 3rd party USB Bluetooth dongles that will allow the system to connect to a Bluetooth OBDII Adaptor. This is not something that we can offer support on at this stage.

We highly recommend the OBD2-KIT (under related items) which is a high speed USB hard wired connection to the Android Module. A direct connection via USB is much faster and will generally avoid any lag or delay when real time data is being displayed on the screen.

Question - Does my car need to have the factory navigation installed to be compatible?

Answer - No. This system is compatible with all VF & VFII vehicles whether they have the factory navigation installed or not. However, VF II vehicles do not have an auxiliary input in the centre console.

Question - Is this system compatible if my vehicle is a HSV and has the EDI option installed?

Answer - Yes this system is compatible with HSV models that have the EDI Option Installed.

Question - How long does the system take to start up?

Answer - Because this is a permanently mounted system in the car it needs to perform a complete shut down when the car is turned off and it needs to perform a full restart when the car is turned on. The restart process can take about 40 Seconds once the car is turned on.